Silver/Gold Ink Printing for Mirror Effect

For those seeking sophisticated packaging, our gold, silver and mirror inks will differentiate a brand by producing a striking effect on store shelves. As well as the printing catching the consumer’s eye, ask us to incorporate a window in the pack so they get a great view of the product.

Scented Films

We design attractive packaging that is not only pleasing to the eye, but has the smell of success thanks to our scented films. KOROZO can extrude PE and laminate OPP/PE or OPP/MET OPP with any required fragrance.

Child-Deterrent Tab™ Zipper

Effective child deterring package provides easy open to adults. This safect lock closure is functional for containing hazardous substances and the technology is applicable to a variety of package formats. Also the child-deterrent tab zipper incorporates seamlessly into existing machinery with minor modifications.

Laser Scribing

Another option to differentiate your packs is laser scribing. KOROZO offers the latest laser scribing technology to create easy opening and peel ability solutions for a range of food and non-food applications. Laser scribing can replace tear strips, zips and closures on a pouch or film, forming an integral opening of any size, shape or position. We make any shape you like

Promotional Code Printing

We can support any product promotion with promotional code printing. This is used to drive retail sales, particularly in sectors such as confectionery, instant drinks, detergents, snacks and chips. Our promotional code printing includes food grade ink, an SAP system for traceability and a guarantee of no repeat codes. We offer three different fonts in numbers, letters or a combination of both. Codes can be printed up to 14 lanes.

Laser Perforation

From packs of paper to KOROZO’s laser perforation technology for accurately positioned holes of any diameter, laser perforated packs have a range of benefits including control over permeability and respiration of the product, enhanced shelf life, prevention of sensory contamination, crack proof edges, easy tearing and anti-misting control.

Paper Feel / Paper Look Films

Looking for a change from laminated packaging film? Try our special paper feel / paper look films. Suitable for a wide range of food stuffs and industrial products, these films have been developed to imitate the properties of paper, whilst retaining the production, presentation and shelf life advantages of the packaging.


Easy-Lock is a superb solution for re-closable packs. It is able to re-close powder products packs, while increasing

customer satisfaction. ​It’s an invisible, flexible and a reliable solution for packaging needs.

Easy-Lock Films

Another packaging option available from KOROZO is re-openable, envelope shaped packs, popular for sliced meats. Our new easy-lock packaging provides a convenient approach to consumers with packaging that has both sealable and peelable appeal.

Films with Embossing Effect

To complement that feel good factor we can also supply customers with packaging that has a special embossing effect that not only looks good, but will definitely give a different sensory experience to the consumer when they handle the packs.

Films with Hologram & 3D Effect

Our creative capacity for promoting brands extends to eye-catching special effects in the shape of hologram films and 3D printing that will turn heads by providing both depth and vivid colours to your packaging.

Double Sided Printed Films

To open up your printing possibilities we have state of the art rotogravure equipment, capable of printing both sides of packaging film up to a stunning 11 colours.

Re-closable Films

We can guide you through the different value-added applications such as re-closable films with peel appeal. Designed for consumer convenience to enable multiple opening and closure of packs, our co-extruded re-closable films with laminate layers are ideal for a variety of food packaging, including cheese, sliced and processed meats.