A cashless society is not yet a reality so hard currency still matters and needs to be transported between financial institutions and their customers, along with credit/debit cards, cheque books and other important money-related documents and products. We are a major source of security bags for banks and cash carriers, retailers and post offices, in fact any operation that requires secure containment of the asset that makes the world go around!

You get a lot for your money with KOROZO’s Security Bags. They are manufactured in strong and tear resistant polyethylene film, can be customised and are traceable with barcode and sequential numbering. Other benefits include seal options, thermo indicators on tape, strong-edge seals with micro print, writing panels for easy marking and last but not least leak-proof closure options.

Korozo’s Security Bags are used by banks and cash carriers, retailers, post offices and express transporters, plus other ministries and administrations. Also ideal for police, prisons and forensics facilities, as well as laboratories and hospitals. 




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