Sustainable Approach to Thermoforming Films

KOROFORM-RCY: Certified recyclable thermoforming films for food products

Korozo Flexibles’ KOROFORM-RCY soft thermoforming films are a great replacement for conventional PA & EVOH containing films. Designed for recycling and certified by Institut cyclos-HTP, the structure meets the highest requirements in recyclability.

Suitable for cheese, meat & bakery products, the new KOROFORM-RCY soft thermoforming films can be processed on roll stock machines with excellent mechanical strength, puncture & heat resistance.

KOROFORM-RCY offering high barrier even at the corners of the pack can be customized for gauges up to 500 µm.

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Make Koroskin Your Catch Of The Day

Seafood shoppers make their purchasing decision based on the quality, freshness and appearance of the products. Korozo’s KOROSKIN with its unrivalled product presentation at the point of sale, helps consumers make the right choice.Koroskin tightly fits your products like a second skin preserving product integrity, flavour and appearance while providing a transparent glossy presentation.
An easy-to-open film with unique sealing characteristics, Koroskin can be used both for PET and PE trays/base web. Koroskin is highly versatile making it the ideal choice for all of your fish applications.

Properties: Leak-proof, excellent gloss & transparency, easy-to-open, printable up to 11 colours

Advantages: Unrivalled presentation, reduces spoilage, wrinkle-free, freezer-ready, preserves freshness, convenient for microwave cooking


Have You Seen Our ‘’KOROLINER’’ Siliconized Release Liner Solutions?

Korozo delivers environmentally friendly application-oriented solutions through easy and tight silicone formulations with PE/PP/PET material types.

This new product line meeting the EC regulations offers optimum performance both in transfer process after glue applications and also during the application of the final product by the final consumer.With our blown films from 5 to 9 layers, we offer custom engineered solutions in the desired color and thickness from 12 to 150 mic. Release liners can be coated with silicone on one or both sides while the release force can be customized.

Korozo’s high temperature resistant Koroliner products are available in a range of width options from 30 mm up to 1550 mm.

Product Advantages: PE, PP and PET liner solutions, High temperature resistant, Customized colored film options,30 mm – 1550 mm wide, Excellent dimensional stability, 12 mic – 150 mic thickness, Good planarity, Customized release force

Applications Areas:Protection of adhesive coated insulating materials, Self-adhesive foil laminates as a carrier “liner” for labels, Expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, Tamper evident tape, Acoustic and sound insulation, Flashing tape for roof angles and joists


Korozo Group Member Vitrapack Achieved G7 Master Facility Colorspace

Group member Vitrapack has achieved the most stringent level of G7 Master standard, G7 Master Facility Colorspace, which is a facility qualification provided by Idealliance, a global printing & packaging think-tank and leading developer of ISO standards & specifications. With this achievement, Vitrapack proves that its knowledge, skills and graphic communications production complies with G7 methodology standards.

Breathable Backsheet

Korozo Breathable Backsheet can be printed in 8 different colors and produced with a weight ranging between 28 gsm to 65 gsm. They are suitable for use in disposable overall, surgical gown and stretcher cover production. Breathable backsheets also have anti-static, sewable and waterproof qualities. Breathable nonwoven PE and PP backsheets with a width of 1570 mm are laminated and backsheets with a width of 2100 mm are single layer PE.

Korozo Group Completes Acquisition Of Vitra Nv And Creavit Nv

Korozo announces the successful completion of its acquisition of a majority stake in Vitra NV and Creavit NV (Rask). Vitra/Creavit was founded in 1935 in Antwerp, Belgium, by the Laeremans family and is specialized primarily in film conversion for packaging applications in thin film packaging, labels on rolls and small sized bags. Vitra has been producing high quality packaging materials for a number of end use markets including bakery, confectionery, snacks, protein and beverages in its modern manufacturing facility in Antwerp equipped with both flexographic and rotogravure technologies. Creavit (Rask) is the high qualified in-house design and pre-press department of Vitra. Since it was founded in 1973, Korozo has become one of Turkey’s leading industrial companies, manufacturing and selling flexible packaging and film products to more than 90 countries worldwide. The acquisition will take Korozo one step closer to becoming one of the top 10 packaging manufacturers in Europe. Korozo Group Chief Executive Officer Filip Lens described the acquisition as “a significant milestone to become a global leader in the packaging industry.” “We believe that the combined expertise, experience and diversity of our colleagues from different cultures and nations will make Korozo stronger and more agile. With footprint in Belgium, Korozo will be closer to its clients in Europe and enable to accelerate supply, offer faster after sales services, and if needed, develop contingency plans to deal with emergencies. I am confident that the acquisition will be beneficial both for Korozo and for our business partners, who we consider to be part of the Korozo family.” said Lens.

Filip Lens Appointed As The Ceo Of Korozo Group

Having served extensively in a variety of executive roles within leading companies of the global packaging industry, Filip Lens has become the new CEO of Korozo Group, the leading manufacturer of flexible packaging in Turkey. Filip Lens, who has over 30 years of experience in the packaging industry including his executive roles, has been appointed to serve as the CEO of Korozo Group with effect from September 30, 2019. Jeki Mizrahi, who has served as CEO for the last 39 years, is going to start serving as a board member at Korozo Group as of the same date. Mr. Lens’ previous position was President of Operations at Bemis Europe, which had followed his role in Amcor Limited, a company operating in the packaging industry, for over 7 years. At Amcor, Mr. Lens served in executive roles in division management, strategy, sales and marketing as well as operations.

Highest Grade To The Largest In Europe

Korozo's factory in Çorlu which is the largest integrated packaging facility in Europe achieved a great success. The factory passed BRC IOP audit, conducted by the world's leading inspection organization SGS and received an AA degree again. With this degree, it is was once again officially registered that products produced for the food sector in Korozo’s Çorlu factory are safe and functional. By pioneering the Turkish flexible packaing sector sector with innovation and through the continuous investments Korozo’s Çorlu Factory successfully passed BRC IOP audit conducted by world’s leading inspection, testing and certification organization SGS and certified with the highest degree of AA once again. The companies who produce packaging and packaging materials need to take BRC IOP inspection. Therefore, companies can demonstrate their customers that they are producing safe, functional and legal products by obtaining a certificate of conformity to this standard.

Korozo Ranks Higher In Turkey’s Top 500 List

Korozo, Turkey's leading company in the flexible packaging industry, has risen 16 places to 145th in the Top 500 Industrial Enterprises list for 2018. Thanks to ongoing investment, the packaging manufacturer has continued its upward trend in the list prepared by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO). Recording net sales of 1,363,266,850 TL for 2018, Korozo is increasing its share of world markets by producing innovative, high quality, reliable and differentiating products, with the aim of being among the top 10 packaging manufacturers in Europe.

Korozo Received The Most Admired Company Award In Packaging Industry

A majestic award ceremony was held on Tuesday, April 30th, at Ritz-Carlton İstanbul to celebrate the winners of “The Most Admired Companies” survey of Capital Magazine, a prominent business and economy publication in Turkey. At the ceremony, our CEO Jeki Mizrahi received the first prize on behalf of KOROZO, the most admired packaging company in Turkey. Hoping to achieve many more successful results together, we once again extend our thanks to all KOROZO family who have contributed to this award.

Korozo Is The Star At Export Awards

Turkey's leading flexible packaging manufacturer Korozo has won first prize in the Export Plastic Packaging category at the 2018 Export Stars Awards, organised by the Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters' Association.The award was presented to Selin Bahar Meşulam, Director of Korozo Non- Food Flexibles on behalf of the company. Selin Bahar Meşulam, said that continuing investment by Korozo, one of the biggest packaging manufacturers in Europe and Middle East, had helped export its quality, reliable and innovative products to 88 countries. She added: “Together with our sales and distribution offices in many parts of the world, we are able to rapidly supply our quality products to all our customers. We are continuing to invest to achieve our goal of a bigger share of the global market.”

Korozo - Making A Difference In Environmental Protection

Korozo is setting an example within the packaging industry by introducing new technology that filters and recycles the solvents found in printing inks. Corlu factory is making a significant difference, reducing solvent by-products by up to 2.200 tons per year through recycling. The plant also generates 60 per cent of its electricity needs on-site – another example of its commitment to a zero-waste policy that will have a lasting positive impact on the environment. 

Korozo Is First To Achieve Flexo Expert Certification

Korozo, Turkey's leading flexible packaging producer, has taken its place among world-leading suppliers by becoming the first printing plate company in Turkey and the EMEA region to achieve Flexo Expert Certification from Flint Group Flexographic Products.

Korozo Is Up Among The Stars Of Packaging

Korozo is celebrating one Golden award with “Fresh Keeping Freezer Bag” and one Silver award with “Odour Blocker Garbage Bag” given in the 8th Packaging Stars event held by the Packaging Industrialists Association.

Covid-19 Update

In our earlier messages, we have promised that we would keep you informed about the impact of the global COVID-19 outbreak on Korozo and indirectly on our supply to you. Our priorities have not changed, we focus on keeping our employees safe for their own health. At the same time it is the best guarantee to minimise any negative impact on business continuity. I am therefore happy to confirm that until now the interruptions have been limited. This would certainly not have been the case if we would not have taken pro-active measures as soon as practical. Despite all the actions we have taken, our overall output has been somewhat affected where we have had to reduce staffing levels, mainly due to quarantine regulations imposed by the Turkish Ministry of Health for employees with higher health risks. In combination with a significant increase in demand, this has resulted in longer lead times for some products of at least one week extra. We apologise for any inconvenience this is causing. We are working hard to overcome these issues, but it is realistic to assume that this situation will continue for several more weeks. With respect to the weekend curfews which have been announced in Turkey for the remainder of April, we have received the confirmation from the Internal Affairs that as a supplier of both the healthcare and food industry we will be exempt. Our employees will therefore be allowed to travel to work also during the weekends and our operations will continue to produce as normal. We will monitor the situation continuously and will keep you informed of future evolutions. Please do not hesitate to contact your local Korozo contact, if you have any further questions. We appreciate your support and cooperation and we wish you all healthy and safe days.

Our Çorlu Factory Successfully Extended Its Aa Grade Brc Certificate

Korozo has successfully completed the validity extension audit for BRC certificate for Çorlu factory and our AA grade certificate period has been extended for another 6 months. Measures taken against the pandemic, supplier evaluation during the pandemic time, internal audits, management review, product recall are the major topics of the audit in accordance with the protocol of BRC IOP.

Korozo Honored With Stars Of Export Prize

Korozo, a leading player in the flexible packaging market managing business processes successfully in all operating countries, won first prize in “Plastic Packaging Export” category of the Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Association’s (IKMIB) Stars of Export Awards. For the sixth time in a row, Korozo was awarded first prize in IKMIB Stars of Export, importing 86% of annual production to more than 88 countries. Korozo increases the number of export countries every year gaining more share in the market and becomes one of the most important packaging producers in the world by successfully implementing projects.

Korozo Continues To Contribute To The Economy

At Korozo, a leading player in the packaging industry managing business processes in Turkey and in all operating countries successfully, we have worked for our country’s development since our establishment and we continue to contribute to the economy by developing value-added products. We are honored to rank 160th on Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises 2019 list of Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO).

Kororcy Stand-up Pouches Among The Sustainability Awards Finalists

High-barrier KORORCY Stand-Up Pouch produced from fully recyclable mono-PE material in line with recycling regulations in Europe and North America has been selected as a finalist in the Recyclable Packaging Category of Sustainability Awards 2020. Founded by Packaging Europe, a global packaging publication, the 2020 edition of the awards received 275 submissions in 7 different categories. Korozo Flexibles Family is excited to find out the results of the competition.

Korozo Flexibles Is Among Finalists For 2020 Crescents And Stars For Packaging Awards

We have been nominated among the finalists with 3 different packaging products for the 2020 Crescents and Stars for Packaging Awards. It is held for the ninth time by Packaging Manufacturers Association; attracting 278 packaging submissions in 13 different categories. Korozo Flexibles family is excited to find out the results of the competition.

Korozo Achieved Aa Grade In Brc Global Standard For Packaging Materials Issue 6 Audit

BRCGS certificate, a global standard, covers quality and product safety and therefore encompasses all packaging categories including food packaging. Along with this standard, our non-food customers requested the integration of supply chain transparency and adherence to quality standards audit in the context of iCompliance system. This request will also be fulfilled within the scope of BRCGS for Packaging Materials and the information will be included on the document.

Recyclability Of Koroform-rcy Recognized By Cyclos-htp Institute

Korozo is pleased to announce that recyclability of KOROFORM-RCY film is recognized by independent Cyclos-HTP Institute. KOROFORM-RCY film made of polyolefin combines excellent machinability with extremely high product protection and is equipped with an EVOH barrier. The unique material is available in thicknesses from 60 to 300 μm. It is suitable for a variety of products such as fresh and processed meat, fish, cheese, convenience foods and more.

Kororcy Recyclable Packaging Project Honored With Green Dot Industry Award

Our sustainability vision as a company; is to focus our efforts on environmental responsibility in all our operations. In light of this, Korozo Flexibles has developed a portfolio of products named under “KORORCY Recyclable Packaging Project”. We can proudly announce that our project has won the first prize in the Green Dot Industry Awards organized by the Environmental Protection and Packaging Recovery and Recycling Foundation: ÇEVKO. Korozo continues further projects with the encouragement of this recognition in the packaging arena.

Korozo Becomes A Member Of Tmm

In line with our corporate sustainability vision, we place environmental responsibility at the heart of operations. We support circular economy in order to contribute to our planet, economy and society. At Korozo Group, we took another important step to mark our commitment to this principle and we have become a member of Turkey Materials Marketplace (TMM). TMM is a digital circular economy platform managed by Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD) Turkey with the funding support of the EBRD. On this platform an organization’s waste and/or by-product becomes another organization’s raw material through material exchanges.

Korozo Flexibles Received 1 Golden And 2 Silver Prizes In The 2020 Crescents And Stars For Packaging Awards

We have received 1 golden and 2 silver prizes with 3 different packaging products in 2 categories in the 2020 Crescents and Stars for Packaging Awards. It is held for the ninth time by Packaging Manufacturers Association; attracting 278 packaging submissions in 13 different categories. These awards are a validation of our R&D efforts and perfectionist approach to packaging solutions. They will be a source of motivation for the always-ambitious Korozo Flexibles on this development journey.

Korozo Successfully Obtained The Iso 50001-2018 Energy Management System Certification

Energy Management System certifies our efforts to optimize energy consumption in all processes and disciplines; from raw materials supply to product delivery to our customers. It also supports the business in its efforts to use natural resources wisely while providing guidance in resource efficiency.

Korozo’s Covid-19 Measures Now Piw Certified

Following the onset of the pandemic Korozo has quickly adopted measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at its facilities. Our measures to preserve the health and safety of our workforce and to maintain our operations have been recognized with Internek Turkey PIW (Prevention of Infection at Workplace) Certificate. We will continue to implement all measures and to provide a healthy and safe working environment to our colleagues.