Our newly developed 9-Layer Coextruded Protection Film comes in a variety of tack strengths for specific protection needs.

When we developed Koroguard, we focused on creating a glue-free film to avoid substrate migration caused by adhesive based films. The result of intensive R&D is Koroguard, a self adhesive protection film. Our propriatery structure is a 9-Layer coextruded film demonstrating adhesive characteristics by means of special polymers.

  • 20 mic - 100 mic thickness
  • 100 mm - 2.160 mm wide
  • Solvent, EVA, glue free
  • Gel-free
  • Thermoforming compatible
  • Bubble free application
  • Residue free removal
  • UV protection
  • Customized colored film options
  • Logo printing
  • Bespoke adhesion and peel strengths
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