Korozo launches clear, recyclable lidding films

Brand owners, retailers, and consumers enjoy exceptional functional performance in stiffness and barrier protection, complete hermetic seals to avoid leaks, the same end-use convenience, plus recyclability in communities with existing programs for PE film recycling.

As part of this effort, Korozo plans to focus on three core areas including eliminating non-recyclable plastics; encouraging the use of plastics to allow better recycling rates; and removing changing complex combinations of packaging materials.

Korozo successfully completed the tests of the recyclable lidding film solution. Adding recyclability to the eco-friendly advantages of lidding films, Korozo also supports the new recycling goal of the EU Commission aiming for all packaging to be recyclable by the year 2030. Available in white or natural film, recycable lidding films create greater display flexibility for retailers This technology offers benefits of low haze, good stiffness, and high gloss.

KORORCY flowpack films are sustainable step stone to achieve high speed in production line. Various barrier categories are available, to help the preservation of freshness and extend the shelf life of products. The KORORCY flowpack films are ideal for both HFFS (horizontal form fill seal) and VFFS (vertical form fill seal) flowpack machines. They have excellent mechanical features and high sealing performance. Therefore, they can be used for the packaging of diverse food & non-food products.

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