Investment in R&D is Key

Continuing investment in research and development, new technology and infrastructure has boosted our production of flexible packaging to over 137.000 tons per annum, making KOROZO one of the largest producers in the Middle East and Europe.

Research and development is absolutely crucial for us to maintain our market-leading position, with the culture prevailing since the foundation of the company.

KOROZO’s R&D teams work very hard to develop new products based on marketing research feedback and direct customer requirements. Colleagues stay in close contact with customers and improve our current products according to their needs. They also develop raw material recipes for all the plastic products we produce, manage projects to increase efficiency in the production and operating systems, keeping abreast of industry developments such as new polymers, films and technologies day to day and incorporating the latest trends into our current systems.

Our teams also work closely on long term R&D projects with universities and the Turkish Science and Technology Foundation.

From a technical aspect, the R&D department is supported by a highly sophisticated laboratory with the capability to perform: