Adding to its portfolio of quality packaging solutions, Korozo provides flexible packaging solutions for a multitude of beauty and health care applications, such as sachets for creams and ointments, pouches for cosmetics range such as beauty masks and bath oils, hair care products, cold wax strip laminates, sachets and pouches for powder and pill form drugs and anything that was contained in rigid packaging before. Our expertise will ensure that your beauty and health care packaging needs are fully met in terms of barrier properties for moisture, air, and light, providing ease of opening, child resistance, unit dosing and portability options. You can also specify low temperature sealing or a peelable version for easy opening, and the whole range features superb mechanical strength and puncture resistance. Contact us now for your specific packaging needs.


  • Child-resistant easy open and reclosable pouch solutions
  • Soft Touch and Paper Feel film coating for an elegant look and feel perfect for packaging cosmetics
  • Peelable films for medical applications requiring peelable openings
  • Specialty films for hard-to-hold products such as lotions hand and facial creams masks ointments
  • High-barrier packaging for diagnostic drug delivery and OTC products
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