Korozo launches clear, recyclable stand-up pouch packaging

Korozo has launched new stand-up pouch packaging that gives brand owners, retailers, and consumers exceptional functional performance in stiffness and barrier protection, complete hermetic seals to avoid leaks, the same end-use convenience, plus recyclability in communities with existing programs for PE film recycling.

As part of Korozo’s support of the new recycling goal of the EU Commission for all packaging to be recyclable by the year 2030, the company focused on three core areas including eliminating non-recyclable plastics, encouraging better recycling rates and removing  complex combinations of packaging materials.

Korozo successfully completed tests of the recyclable PE pre-made bag solution, adding recyclability to the eco-friendly advantages of stand-up pouches. Available in white or natural film, recycable stand-up pouches create greater display flexibility for retailers. For maximum consumer convenience, the bag can also be reclosable with a  zip lock seal or supplied as film on the reel for the packer to form themselves.

This innovative packaging technology from Korozo benefits from low haze, good stiffness, and high gloss. The product is suitable across multiple markets, including auto dish washing tablets, pet food and treats, confectionary items and many more.

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