You can also specify antifog for good visibility, laser and macro perforation for breathability, low temperature sealing or a peelable version for easy opening, and the whole range features superb mechanical strength and puncture resistance.

Also, you may need a pillow pack, offering numerous benefits including excellent barrier properties (100% airtight), full conservation of flavour and freshness and extended shelf life.They are consumer friendly, easy to carry, easy to open – and ideal for Modified Atmosphere Packaging.

If you’re packaging fresh fruit and vegetable we know you need a really good solution to protect the product from bruising and spoilage and ensure the longest possible shelf life. You won’t get a better solution than our extensive range of barrier lidding films. Korotop and Korogpeel filmsare the range of multilayer laminates that are compatible both for tray sealers and rollstock machines, provide many benefits including high oxygen barrier and UV protection, excellent gas barrier.

  • High oxygen & water vapor barrier
  • Very good heat resistance
  • Mechanical strength
  • Excellent puncture and impact resistance
  • High surface gloss
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