Wet wipes need to reach the customer in prime condition and that means guaranteeing that moisture and fragrances are sealed in. KOROZO can help you with versatile and varied packaging solutions in colourful printed flowpack films with added re-closable window. Whatever your application, we can supply a wide range of films, including laminated, with excellent sealing options – not least durable re-closable seals – for wet wipe packaging. We offer a choice of sizes and styles, overprinted in up to 11 stunning colours, that will stand up to scrutiny and robust handling in any grocery store or home environment. Our PE bags are another ideal solution for secondary packaging to primary wet wipe packs. PE (polyethylene) is flexible, durable and tear-resistant, very important when dealing with moist products such as wet wipes. Light is prevented from penetrating to the bag’s contents and, with a lower static charge, the bags attract less dust, dirt and other contaminants.




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