Our spouted pouches are ideal for miscellaneous household and maintenance goods such as anti-freeze washer fluids, engine lubricants, adhesives (from household glues to fixatives such as tyre repair products) and any other liquid or semi-liquid products that act as cleaning and maintenance agents. 

Spouted Pouches offer flexibility, exceptional shelf presence, freshness, high barrier protection and customer convenience. Similarly, their heat stability, strength and suitability for high speed form, fill and seal packing lines make them an unrivalled choice in production.

The spout provides not only convenient access but also, of course, the ability to close up the packaging between uses, extending its usefulness within the home.

 It is an environmetally friendly solution since it contains 80% less plastic compared to rigid plastic alternatives.

Offering different spout options and a capacity of up to 5 liters, Korozo Flexibles’ spouted pouches are the ideal solution for automotive luquid producers.

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