Whilst the experts try to decide if five portions a day of fruit and vegetable are really what we all need – and which meat is good or bad for us - let us show you how to get your frozen fruit, vegetable and frozen meat into the perfect packaging. You need durable solutions that will stand up to both freezing temperatures and regular handling, also a way of displaying the product either directly, through clear barrier film, or indirectly through printed outers. First take a look at our extensive range of barrier and non-barrier films, which provide excellent visibility, superb mechanical strength and puncture resistance and low temperature sealing.

Frozen meat brings its very own packaging challenges. Not only does the packaging need to retain its integrity in the freezer, but also avoid any leakage on defrosting which is very unappealing and potentially a serious health hazard. The consumer will also want to see the contents either directly, through clear barrier film, or indirectly via a printed enclosure.

You’ll also find our superb range of Koropack films with barrier coated PE laminates which are the ideal solution for frozen fruit, vegetable and meat. These top quality films are perfect for both HFFS (horizontal form fill seal) & VFFS (vertical form fill seal) flowpack machines.

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