Korozo is specialist in high quality production for packaging. We commenced our activities within the packaging industry in 1973 and have continued our investments year by year with launching new products.

Today, with an annual production capacity of around 110.000 tons and our know-how in film extrusion, our KORO-SILAGE is the optimal solution for the wrapping of silage bales.

  • 5-layer co-extruded blown film.
  • Available in widths: 250 mm, 375 mm, 500 mm and 750 mm
  • Developed to be used with all kind of bales and into all type of bale wrappers
  • Optimal mechanical properties for stretching
  • Excellent adhesive strength to achieve an optimized silage fermentation.
  • Great opacity and colour density
  • UV-stable for at least one year
  • Food grade quality
  • Environmental friendly – 100% recyclable
  • Packaging: Individually boxed and stacked on wooden pallets & with carton or plastic cores
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