Paperskin® has been innovatively designed to provide eye-catching presentation as well as offer a sustainable skin packaging.

Paperskin® is suitable for securing a wide range of food items such as meat, poultry, cheese and seafood. Paperskin® is printable both on front side and back side and back side thereby maximises brand exposure and product information.

Paperskin® can also be supplied in a variety of disk dimensions and thicknesses.

A Euro hole hanger system is available for enhancing DPP on the shelf while the peel tab siplifies opening and allows consumer to easily access the product.

Paperskin® is offering longer shelf life, attractive retail presentation, an exceptional seal integrity and is compatible with different tray sealers.

  • Recyclable
  • Easy open with peel tab
  • Supplied in a variety of disk dimensions & thicknesses
  • Printable both on front side and back side
  • Compatible with different tray sealers
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