Reliability, versatility and top quality – we know that’s what customers want from their food packaging solutions. So we offer you Korotop lidding & barrier films, an impressive range of multilayer laminates that meet all relevant FDA and EC regulations, and go a step further with health and safety compliance.

The performance can be tailor made according to machine speed, and Korotop will also meet all your Modified and Controlled Atmosphere Packaging (MAP and CAP) requirements, supporting the target shelf life periods across the PP market.

You’ll experience a beautifully smooth and controlled peel on PP trays, combined with excellent optical properties, top quality antifog and a high surface gloss along with unrivalled impact and puncture resistance. An enhanced barrier provides very low permeability for oxygen, gas and water vapour, in combination with extended shelf life and maximum dimensional stability.

An additional bonus is that, if used with AF, Korotop PP Peel Film is suitable for use for up to six months from the date of production (assuming correct storage conditions), avoiding the need for frequent reordering or the possibility of running out of stock.