Coffee connoisseurs are growing in numbers as the perfect cup of coffee is now just the push of a button away: capsule drinks machines are everywhere.

Some coffee connoisseurs may like a whipped cream or cocoa topping to their coffee, but we think our Koroseal lidding solutions are the perfect topping for these clever little pods and capsules! Perfect for both Modified and Controlled Atmosphere Packaging (MAP/CAP), Koroseal is suitable for sealing on both PP base and peelable bottom webs.

From a technical viewpoint, Koroseal offers low temperature sealing and superb heat resistance; additionally the performance can be tailor made according to machine speed. In terms of features you can expect unrivalled impact and puncture resistance, whilst an enhanced barrier provides very low permeability for oxygen and water vapour, in combination with optimum mechanical strength, puncture resistance and maximum dimensional stability.

A further benefit is that Koroseal Film is suitable for use for up to six months from the date of production, assuming correct storage conditions are maintained, helping you to control your stock and production schedules.