The focus on reducing excessive packaging continues, for environmental, cost and presentation reasons. Many food manufacturers have made it their objective to replace laminate trays with mono APET equivalents, so Korozo set its R&D teams onto developing a premium film specifically compatible with these trays.

KoroGpeel is the result – a range of high performance peel-seal liddıng films for mono apet trays that are also compatible with our other lidding films for laminate trays, and guarantee exceptional machine performance, barrier properties and other physical attributes.

KoroGpeel provides enhanced food safety through consistent hermetic sealing with an easy open feature for added consumer convenience, and the seals take on an opaque colour when opened in order to warn of tampering or possible spoilage, providing unrivalled traceable peelability. KoroGpeel opens smoothly and can also be produced with reclosable properties for multiple open-close usage, in either case making the product highly user-friendly for consumers.

KoroGpeel is one of our most versatile and cost-effective film ranges offering a wide range of sealing temperatures and superb heat resistance; additionally the performance can be tailor made according to machine speed and you will need fewer roll changes. In terms of features you can expect excellent clarity and a high surface gloss along with unrivalled impact and puncture resistance. An enhanced barrier provides very low permeability for oxygen and water vapour, in combination with maximum dimensional stability.

You can also specify top quality antifog and the films can be printed in up to 11 stunning colours to ensure standout visibility on shelf displays.