At Korozo we are constantly investing in new product development so that you, the customer, can benefit from state of the art technology when protecting and presenting your food and medical products.

One example of our market-leading packaging solutions is Koroform thermoforming films, a top quality range of crystal clear coex films up to 9 layers thick, perfect for packaging meat and meat products, dairy and seafood products, bakery lines and even medical items. Aside from offering great deep drawing properties and very low permeability, our Koroform films are compatible with multiple thermoformers and result in exceptional product display with perfect gloss and transparency.

You’ll save on the bottom line too. Thanks to advanced coextrusion technology, these thinner films offer the same performance as thicker equivalents – which also makes them ideal for products that are to be frozen.

So what else can we tell you? Well, to start with you have a choice of thicknesses from 60 to 300 micron, and film composition including PA, PE, EVOH and PP - plus you can also save on your energy bills since Koroform is compatible with low temperature thermoforming. We supply both top and base web structures to ensure maximum sealability and pack integrity.

You’ll find thicker corners after the thermoforming proess, along with unrivalled impact and puncture resistance to ensure top levels of product protection. As you might expect an enhanced barrier provides very low permeability for oxygen, gas and water vapour, in combination with extended shelf life.

Added bonuses are that the Koroform range is also suitable for pasteurisation, sterilisation and microwave applications (under specific circumstances – ask us for details), and we can even supply you with a peelable variant or an opaque white option where products also need protection fom light.

Last but most definitely not least, as a valued customer you can benefit from expert advice from our technical support team, who will advise you on suitable structures for any application.