Let’s face it, there are nearly as many choices in the pet food aisle as there are for humans! Dry pet food, wet pet food and of course treats, for dogs, cats, rabbits and more. As it’s humans making the choice for their pet, just like in the other aisles your product needs to stand out and be protected. Who wants a spillage of pet food in the grocery bag? Not us, that’s why our pet packaging products are just the same as for human food – top quality. Wet & dry pet foods - sealing and/or closing is one of the most critical operations in the manufacture of heat-sterilised wet pet foods. Ensuring a hermetic seal is absolutely essential in providing a safe product which will meet the required shelf life. Additionally, the retort process in sterilisation is critical to ensure that you get the best quality packaging for your wet pet food ranges.

Our retort pouches are great for packaging wet pet food. Designed to stand freely on shelf for customer appeal, the bottom gusset also has capacity for expansion. They offer flexibility, exceptional shelf life, freshness, high barrier protection and customer convenience. Dry treats come in all shapes and sizes as rewards for obediant pets. Our pre made pouches are ideal for packaging large or bulky items. Sealing on all sides gives extra support and strength to the pouch. Owner convenience is key so we offer a range of opening and closure options.

Especially designed for high speed machines requiring low temperature sealing, our high barrier films are applicable for both horizontal & vertical filling lines. A major benefit is greater rigidity compared to standard PE laminates, and the quality of the film guarantees no leakage in seal areas. As well as a high oxygen barrier, this film shows very good heat resistance and mechanical strength, resulting in excellent puncture and impact resistance. A high surface gloss ensures it looks good!

Films and bags for toys, vitamins and supplements – like parents of children, animal lovers like to give their pets toys. Vitamins and supplements are also becoming increasingly popular in the pet world. We offer an  impressive range of bags that will do the trick in virtually any environment or application. We also have a choice of film options such as Korozo’s Korotop lidding films and a peelable version for easy opening.

You may also want to investigate our comprehensive range of laminated films. Available clear or printed, these films offer protection of product quality (limiting temperature variation, for example), enhanced shelf life and can be specified in multiple sealing layers.

Common Benefits

  • High protection of product quality
  • Enhanced shelf life
  • Specified with a zipper for freshness
  • Ease of use.
  • Different type of Handle & Zipper options