Packaging requirements from customers in the meat, poultry and seafood sectors are many and varied – and we can meet them all.

Fresh meat, poultry and seafood - whether it’s sliced, diced, minced or whole – can be difficult foods to package, requiring excellent presentation as well as protection against spoilage and leakage to prevent waste, not to mention the need to extend shelf life as long as possible.

What about cold cuts and processed meats, those delicious foods that can either enhance a processed meal or act as a sandwich filler or snack? And of course bacon and sausages, for a perfect breakfast every time. Finally, seafood where shelf life can be an issue. For all these foods the consumer is looking for high performance and clear presentation, and you’ll find both of these and much more in our packaging solutions.

Our extensive range of barrier films is a great place to start with your packaging needs. From Koroskin films and peel films, to Koropack – and everything in between - we’ll have a solution for you.

Koroskin films, suitable for meat, poultry and seafood offer excellent clarity and leakage control, longer shelf life and reliable puncture resistance. Our new PP peel films, for example, have been developed especially for packaging food and meet all the FDA and EC regulations, as well as offering high oxygen and water vapour barriers, low temperature sealing and excellent puncture resistance.

Koroform thermoforming films are a top quality range of crystal clear 9 layer coex films, offering great deep drawing properties and very low permeability, as well as being compatible both for tray sealers and rollstock machines. Thanks to advanced coextrusion technology, these thinner films offer the same performance as thicker equivalents.

Korogpeel lidding films peel-seal to mono apet trays brings further significant benefits to food manufacturers and consumers alike. Last but definitely not least, ring the changes with a retort pouch or perhaps a hot food deli bag – perfect for takeaway roast chicken. Korovac vacuum packaging is also perfect for the meat industry. A range of single layer or multilayer laminate films is available, in different thicknesses, and we can also offer 3 side sealed vacuum pouches in a choice of sizes.

Korotop lidding films, a range of multilayer laminates that are compatible both for tray sealers and rollstock machines. Also provide many benefits including high oxygen barrier and UV protection, excellent gas barrier and sealing properties on high speed packaging lines. You can also specify antifog for good visibility, low temperature sealing or a peelable version for easy opening, and the whole range features superb mechanical strength and puncture resistance.

Common Benefits

  • Excellent clarity
  • Very good machine performance
  • Tailor made sealability
  • Good mechanical and physical properties